Getting this story written and out there for you has been a struggle the entire time. We love to write and have never been more addicted to an original story. Both of us have day jobs we’ve been working. Writing a book is extremely difficult when you have so much going on- including car accidents, medical problems, family popping in and out, and on and on.

Writing is a dream job for the both of us. If we had more time to write we’d create more. If we had more time to write- our stories would also be better!

I am sitting on so many near done projects right now it’s almost funny!

Now that Paper Dolls has been written, our goal is to get it out there! Because we’ve chosen to register our books in kindle unlimited- and simultaneously price them at the bare minimum for everyone else- we are not making much off of any sales or reads of Paper Dolls. Our first book alone has been read THOUSANDS of times and for that we have seen very little monetarily because we have priced it so low on purpose to try and get the story out there to the audience who is searching for it.

Writing is hard. Writing takes time.

If you love our fics- or love Paper Dolls and want to see more of the series out faster- we definitely invite you to donate! The truth of the matter is, if we were making enough to just be writers WE WOULD BOTH JUST BE WRITERS. It’s the dream really and given our current audience if Amazon wasn’t taking everything from our profits we would probably be able to live off of what people actually pay in Kindle Unlimited and in the $0.99 sales alone. If just 1,000 or our readers donated $10 each a year we would make $10,000. We have way more than 1,000 readers (amazon tells us exactly how many pages are read and they tell us exactly how many flat our sales we get, so eventhough we don’t see much in the way of profit we know that we have fans out there who are reading, so THANK YOU FOR READING!).

If you feel inclined to make our lives better and inspire us to write more: WE WILL ACCEPT YOUR DONATIONS! But just know, having a large audience is already something the both of us are shocked about so THANK YOU!