Avery Lockhart and Olivia Holbrook are both good at everything they try. Avery is the star of the swim team and Olivia has captured every academic accolade that Huntington Prep has to offer. Yet, as two very different girls from very different backgrounds, their paths have never crossed. That changes when Olivia’s favorite teacher assigns her to interview Avery for the yearbook. One simple meeting alters their potential paths, setting into motion a string of events that will make them realize that there’s more to life than playing the roles that have been picked out for them.

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The ski trip changed everything. Avery and Olivia are in love and engaged but that’s just the beginning. The girls must navigate coming out, delving into each other’s secrets, and getting to know one another.

Following the events of book one, this installment in the series follows Avery and Olivia even further into their tale. Olivia knows about Ben but what is Avery keeping from her and how well can you really know someone you love after a few short weeks? The girls will be faced with these questions and more in Paper Dolls: Book Two.


After a busy couple of weeks, the girls start to create a communal home for themselves. Decisions involving going back to school- what to say when officially reporting their manipulative teacher Ben- and a few run-ins with certain troublesome friends make a new relationship become quickly complex. Holding a mirror to the newness of it all, the girls begin to learn each other more and ask questions.

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After a complicated four months at school together, Avery and Olivia have somewhat grown emotionally distant. Olivia has been too scared to pressure Avery to notice her and Avery has been too busy to actually deal with what’s been going on with her internally. Since it’s finally Spring Break, Avery’s best friend comes to visit. A party and an accidental kiss forces our two main lovers to finally spill their truths out and confront their actual problems.

This book is the beginning of the mental health journey the girls will begin to venture on. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Sex, jealousy, anger, all the usual ingredients have fallen into this spring-time stew.

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After Napa, the girls return to school and find themselves in need of quick therapy. A venue is chosen for the wedding and a date with friends proves to stir unwanted emotions up.

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An important letter creates tension at the worst possible time. Friends encourage mayhem and the girls find themselves having secret struggles during the days leading up to their wedding.

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After much struggle and waiting, Olivia and Avery finally get married at a beach house out on the side of a prominent cliff. Friends and family come and an unexpected gift creates a bit of a stir.

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The drama from Ben’s disruptive wedding gift puts a damper on the start to their marriage. Building up strength to take on a monster at trial is a tough job to do!

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