NEW BOOK OUT: A Certain Intimacy

A Certain Intimacy by Chamberlain & Stone

We’ve got a new book out for you. This has probably been the longest we have gone without publishing something new. The last book we published was Lake Moon and I think that was in March so we are VERY excited to have a new book out there for you guys.

This one has a bit of everything. It does take place in the Paper Dolls universe but it’s definitely along the periphery.

We’ve been getting requests since the series began for more NATALIE. MORE NATALIE!

And we definitely love Natalie a lot so this is a book that focuses on a romance she is having while Avery and Olivia are living their complicated college lives.

Check it out on Amazon.

You definitely do not have to have read all or even any of the Paper Dolls books to enjoy and get into this new novel.

LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! We’re very reachable via our Paper Dolls Tumblr Page. And we love to answer questions and talk about the books over there so please don’t hesitate!

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