Paper Dolls: Book Eight

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This one is VERY LONG. We couldn’t decide where to end it. The struggle is real.

Lots of sex and drama in this installment. Everything is amped up along with the stress. A court trial, the creepy gift Ben left, friend drama on all fronts, and a few stoic realizations.

Don’t be surprised if the next book is the last in series 1!

We haven’t really been making any money off of the series for the past year. Amazon takes pretty much everything we make from it and we really need to be writing for profit at this time in our lives so extending the Paper Dolls world has been put on the shelf for right now. We’ll get the first series out but we have to let it rest for now in order to try and remain financially stable. *heavy emphasis on the word: try*

Let us know what you’d be interested in seeing in the future for Series 2! We have a lot of our own ideas but it’s fun to see what the readers would specifically crave from this world. If we can find a way to make it worth our time we’d love more than anything to continue on to a second series but it’s obviously very labor intensive and the work load has actually effected our livelihoods negatively this past year so we gotta shelf it.

Regardless of all that, thank you so much for coming along and for reading and engaging with us! We love that we’ve been able to bring you something we’ve felt passionate about! Hopefully there will be much more in the future. Our next current project is a small town romance thriller. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date!



  • Veronika

    Hi ladies.

    We’re writing to say that we’ve always enjoyed the Paper Dolls series and look forward to reading more.
    My partner and I have a relationship that is very similar to Avery and Olivia, which makes these stories such a blessing. Its amazing for us to be able to place ourselves in certain situations, it’s also kinda eerie lol. We hope beyond hope that this series will be able to continue on, but we’re also aware that all good things, must come to an end…even though we don’t want it to 🙂
    We’re sorry that things haven’t been going the smoothest for you ladies. We truly hope that you can make it over that hill and all be well. Its people like you, the stories you write, and the characters you create that help so many girls (and maybe boys) live through good times, and bad. And also just gives us a way to escape.

    Thank you with both of our hearts

    Veronika and Victoria

    • Blythe

      Hi Veronika & Victoria! I can’t believe we found the real live Olivia & Avery! I love it! We were trying for realistic so it’s good to know we’re spot on there. Not so good to know that you had to go through all those hard times 🙁 Thank you for all your support! Times are really rough right now and we’re trying to get through the turmoil. Answers just aren’t coming and things are getting harder instead of easier in different ways with our different lives so that’s really rocky and complicated. It’s great to know that you love the books so much, thank you so much for dropping in to tell us! I would love to have the means to write Paper Dolls forever without worries about life and I probably could if I had money and health insurance and a house and a savings but right now I only have health insurance and that’s a blessing by itself. Hopefully we’ll be able to put more out once series one ends. Thank you for reading 😀

  • Heather LRD

    You guy’s could raise the price some, and maybe make money on each book? I wouldn’t mind paying more per title. I’ve bought every book you have on Amazon, but at $0.99 a book, yea, I can’t see you making anything on the sale. 🙁 I did add a Patreon sub, so hope that helps you guys out 😀

    • Blythe

      Hi Heather! Thanks for the sub! The unfortunate truth is that if we raise our prices our books will not be found by most readers. Right now our books have a very small readership and the only reason we have that readership is because of the low pricing on our books which will keep them on amazon charts longer. It’s complicated and sad. But yes, it would be great if that was a method we could use and be successful with. Maybe one day.

      • Heather LRD

        I really hope you guys can make it work. I enjoy the emotional yoyo i get from your stories. Also a huge yes to a Paper Dolls sequel!

        Love ya,

  • Boo Vickery

    I just got into reading this series. I am half way with book 1 and can say this is one of my favorites! Olivia and Avery are sooo sweet and I love their relationship. I can honestly say that, 1 your story helps girls to know that you can love any gender. And 2, I will buy the rest in the series, and if there will ever be another connecting series I am totally down for it!!

    Thanks for writing such an amazing series!

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