New Merch!

Hi all,

We’ve decided to put some merch up on Amazon since the holidays are here! Check it out if you’re interested. We’ll be adding more designs and styles shortly. We have to sell 15 total in order to put more designs out there for you.

Buying merch is a great way to support us while also giving yourself a gift. Amazon takes almost all of the profits from our book sales, so think about buying merch if you like what we do! Also, if you have any ideas for merch that you would want to see up in our store, perhaps a specialized themed shirt based off a single character or a Paper Dolls quote you love, give us a shout! We’d love to oblige and create something you’d particularly want.

Love, love, love



  • Boo Vickery

    This is such a cool Idea!! I’d love to buy a mug if you ever have one in the future. Think you’d ever add any necklaces with a quote on it?

    Do you guys have a link to it, if this is still available since it’s after the Holidays? Thanks!

    • Blythe

      What quote would you be interested in? I can try to design something 😀 We had mugs and tote bags up on our cafe press site but no one was buying them 🙁 Right now the t-shirts are on Amazon and the link is on our STORE page. But yeah, we’d much rather design things you would like to wear and have so please give ideas! <3

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