Working on a short prequel to fix our whole sanity situation

Hi all,

We’ve been hitting a lot of walls lately when it comes to writing and having time so we both started doing a little Paper Dolls prequel project to make us feel better. Personally, I have so many unfinished projects I want to work on that I feel like I’m getting nothing done. *Including a reeeeeeeeally good and almost finished halloween project we’re both into that will apparently have to be published in some unfitting time since we’ve already been sitting on it for over a year.*

Anyway, AT LEAST we’re getting close to a finished product on the prequel. You can check out our teaser material over at Tumblr.



  • Janice

    Love paper dolls. Love these two soul mates. Please don’t let them have a three way with anyone or cheat on each other. It would break my heart. I believe in true love. This is your story and I mean no harm it’s just they belong only to each other. I sound cornly l know but wonderful to read about two women who love each other and want only each other. Growing up we didn’t have stories of women loving each other. Xenia and Gabrielle gave us that. They you for this wonderful story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Blythe

      Hi Janice! We definitely agree, we need more stories with long form romance like Xena and Gabi! Thanks for letting us know you’re all in! <3

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