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Hi all,

Not sure if anyone checks this website or not but I figured it was about time I posted a blog. This is probably the slowest we’ve ever been when it comes to creating new content. The summer has us both occupied and tangled. One of us is experiencing a string of health problems while the other is being hit by summertime HEAT. Usually we’re able to put something out there and/or write something for the future. We haven’t written much of anything for the last two months. After so much productivity it’s a bit of a downer. On top of that though we haven’t been able to edit. Hopefully we get back to our old selves. We’ve started a new series and I’m loving it so I hope we follow it through. The truth of the matter is we have so much written already that is just waiting to be edited that it’s kind of ridiculous. Even if we stopped writing and just kept on with the editing we’d have enough content for multiple years. Not sure how we’ve achieved such a thing but it’s good to know we’ll be able to please for several years to come regardless of whether or not we produce something new. I think this is the actual burden of those who are inspired and creative, doomed to forever be lacking in time.

If for some reason you are searching for content and you haven’t read After Reed or Vancouver Nights, we highly recommend those since they are both alts on the original series.

Anywho, we’ll let you know when we put out something new! Visit us over on our tumblr in the meantime. We’ve been getting a lot of nice comments and interesting questions! Keep ’em coming! We love it!

<3 B


  • Marilyn

    Loved Vancouver nights and after Reed. I think you are both great writers. I love the depth of each of your characters. When will book 8 of paper dolls be ready.

    About editing is there anything I can do to help. Never edited fiction before but willing to try. My only reservation is i enjoy reading your work so much and it might spoil my enjoyment , but I don’t know. I have sponsored you on patreon too. Please keep writing and updating. thanks Marilyn

    • Blythe

      Hi Marilyn, thanks for visiting the site! We’re working on Book 8 but it’s a mountain! Given how things have gone in the past with editors we’ve decided for now to try and put things out in our own time and on our own but thank you for your offer and interest, that’s really sweet. Let us know if there’s something more you want to see! <3

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