Vancouver Nights – Alternate Story

Hi all,

Just checking in to let you know we have a new book out. We love these characters so much that we’ve written several alternates on the main story and the main theme. Some of you might remember that the XMAS book was an alternate. That book wasn’t too far off from where the storyline is going but we are hoping to get more of our differing alternates out there for you since a lot of you seem to be interested in reading them.

We’ve also been brainstorming on fun things to do to drive some traffic to our Patreon page. One of the ideas we are floating around is that we might create some special podcast episodes for those who subscribe. These can be podcasts on any topic you’d like to hear about but we are assuming what people really want is to know more about the Paper Dolls world, where it came from, why we’ve put so much time into it, what we think certain characters would do here and there, etc.

If you’re interested in the podcast idea, go ahead and drop us an ask or a note about it on our Paper Dolls Tumblr.

This site doesn’t get much traffic but I know that people do check here for things from time to time.


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