About the Vancouver Nights Alt

Hi all,

We published one of our more recent alts on Amazon.com. You can now go there and read it. I will say that you do not have to know our characters to read or enjoy Vancouver Nights: A Paper Dolls Alternate Story.

In this alt: Olivia Holbrook has spent most of her adult life building a trendy, socially conscious, tech company with her good friend, and fellow Stanford Alum, Farrow Ho-Hunterguard. Still, she’s been living a life of all work and no play. Running into her famous actress ex-girlfriend Natalia Reyes at a charity event is the last thing Olivia wants. But she does one worse, chatting up the new lover to her ex before even knowing who the spoken for gay romance writer, Avery Lockhart, even is.

This story takes us to fancy rented house in Vancouver where the three girls decide to live together for a little while, as Nat is caught up in her Hollywood life on an active film set nearby.

Confusing nights and outings lead to intense and unexpected intimacy they aren’t exactly expecting.


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