Working Hard on the Book 6 Edit!

Hi all,


I know it’s been a dry desert lately when it comes to the Paper Dolls universe. We’re working hard on trying to fix up book 6 enough to get it out there for you. This one is a bit more troublesome. The first half of the series had more of our attention and ongoing editing during the creation process. Book 1, for instance, was read over by me at least 10 times. I cannot say that of the later books in the series, at least NOT YET. We’re wading into unfamiliar territory, parts of the series that we’ve only read maybe once, and that was when we wrote them! Lots of decisions to make and that’s why it’s taking so long.

Thank you for being patient!

In the meantime, ASK US QUESTIONS and let us know what you hate or like or are looking forward to about the series over on our Tumblr page.

<3 B



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