Book Five is Out Today!

Hi all!

We’ve finally gotten around to getting Book Five out there. It’s only taken forever! Here’s hoping Book Six doesn’t take as long.  Eek… No promises.

Book Four is free until Thursday of this week so if you’re behind at all this will be perfect for you.

We are trying to keep the prices to read as nonexistent as possible to allow for more people to find the series. Tell your friends, spread the word. People have been consistently reading this series and that’s a wonderful thing! More gay content!!!

If for some reason you would like to Donate to our writing cause we’re really hoping to get a Patreon up soon but until then we have our basic Paypal Donation button.

Also, we’ve begun a podcast that we’re hoping to continue, in which we discuss whatever we feel like discussing at the time. Our first episode is about the book The Price of Salt so feel free to hop on over and give it a listen, let us know what you think!

For questions and comments about the Paper Dolls Series feel free to visit our Tumblr page. We’re always up for talking about this series and the characters.

Happy reading!



  • Tempest

    I have read the paper dolls books one after the other within the past 4-5 days, completely hooked on them. Ive just finished book five and realised it’s to be continued… argh!! I am eagerly awaiting book six now!

    • Blythe

      Hi Tempest! Thank you for letting us know that you like our ongoing story! I wish I could read book 1-5 without knowing what was going to happen. I want to know what that’s like! Is there anything you’re hoping for in the future books? What’s your favorite thing about the series? <3 B

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