Perfect Christmas- A Paper Dolls Novel

You read it right! We decided to try and get something out there for all you guys during the holidays.

Perfect Christmas follows Avery and Olivia on their very first Christmas together. They’ve almost been together a full year but Avery has never exactly seen Olivia get the mean holiday reds. On the other side of the coin Avery has HIGH expectations when it comes to how she wants this first Christmas of hers with Olivia to go. Without much discussion they both try to go about their holiday plans without colliding in some negative way.

Drama. Kissing. Sex. Nat’s back and she’s having a hard time recovering from a new bad break-up.

This Christmas story is a nice little peek at a few things to come but we mostly kept it spoiler free so once all of series 1 is published we’ll probably all look at this Christmas novel and laugh- in other words, a new and more accurate one will have to be made once you know all the secret drama that goes on in the entire second half of series 1.

Let us know what you think!

We’ve got it up and it’s virtually free.

I’m hoping to have some time to work on our paper-backs and fix them up during the break. Also, book 5 IS COMING! Hold tight!

Cheers darlings!




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