Paper Dolls: Book Four is Up!

Hi All!

We’ve managed to get Paper Dolls: Book Four up there and we’re happy to see how quickly people have taken to reading it!

Please let us know what you think. We love getting comments and reviews and you can also email us or visit us on social media via tumblr or twitter. We know people are reading but getting feedback on each book is really really rare. Book One has so many ratings on goodreads but barely any reviews. On amazon Book One has about 35 reviews. That’s the most detailed feedback we’ve gotten with regards to a single book in the Paper Dolls Series. Ratings are great too! We love to know that at least 129 people have rated Book One on goodreads. It’s very exciting to know that!

I remember writing Book Four. Rereading it- and editing it- after all this time was a bit of a treat. There were scenes that were less intense than I remembered them being. There were also things I’d forgotten about that held way more impact than I thought when I read them again after time.

We’ve already received a detailed review on Book Four and I was personally happy to read it. Nate R requested more angst and he did so in a serious way (not a MORE PLEASE ;D fanfic type plea). I love to know what you’re all into and what you like or don’t like about PD. I’d also love to know what each of you would personally like to see happen. What’s your favorite, what’s the worst?

Nate requested more conflict in Book Four with Avery and Olivia. I’m always trying to dial it back because my angst barometer is usually at about a 9 where the norm is a 5 (my girlfriend makes fun of me about this constantly).

I think what’s so hard about PD is the way we’re releasing it. We can’t possibly put it all out at once so we’ve been putting out what we can when we can which in turn leaves you wanting. I really want for everyone to get to read the whole first series. But right now, we’ve no way of logistically handing that over in one fell swoop. Life is too time consuming and we both have to work our day jobs constantly in order to survive and have time to write. Most of our other projects have been put completely on hold because of how time consuming it is to put something like this out there.

Anyway, I love reviews and I always want more! Thanks for reviewing Nate 😀 you made my day with that! I’m so used to people asking for less angst, it feels good to have a request for more! And now I am imagining more and how Book Four could’ve gone a lot differently.

Book Five has more friend drama, more jealousy, more of Sky and Nat, and I think Book Five is when they finally make that jump and go to a therapist. I’ll have to let you know for sure after I get to read it! It’s been so long and I’m not sure where exactly this next book stops. But there is more of everything coming for sure, including angst between our girls. As the wedding and the trial approaches things get pretty emotional and dicey. Thanks for letting us know what you think!



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