Liar, Liar, MaxOnFire & Paper Dolls Book 4

Hi all!

FYI: I’ve recently put up a book that has no relation to Paper Dolls. It’s called Liar, Liar, MaxOnFire and it’s about two college students who meet and fall in love. More than that though it’s about online connections versus the connections you find in real life, how they’re different and how they’re not. Both girls meet and take a shine to one another before realizing that they’re on opposite sides of the same online fandom. Mostly, I just wanted to put a fun piece up to take a break from the vastness that is PD.

Paper Dolls Book Four will hopefully be available for you within the next day or so (I’m going to try and get it up some time today). Emma and I have been working tirelessly on the editing! It’s a job of work and something that pretty much feels like a giant mountain.

People keep asking us how many books there are going to be. At this point neither of us know! We have to decide where to put our breaks and cuts. The story is compiled but we are parceling the thing in a way that makes sense. We’re like rude butchers right now. Obviously it’s not about making money (that’s barely happening, we’ve set our price for each one of these things at 99cents and most people who are reading at all are reading for free – we are only given 35 cents from every 99 cent sale and that’s before taxes- so it’s obviously not about the money). The dispersal of PD is a time commitment! What length is right for each book? How much do people want to read at once? What’s best? We can’t just throw over 2,000 pages of work out there at once. Can we? Sadly, no. Logistically, we’re incapable. But when we get to the end maybe we will compile it into volume 1 and volume 2 just to get it all together and easy for people to find and devour. Right now, neither of us are capable of editing any faster. We have jobs and time commitments and we also need to find creativity and time to breathe for our own individual sanity. For instance, I just read a memoir yesterday to refresh myself and I’m currently listening to Artie Shaw with the lovey to keep a loose springy mind among this cold winter.

Little-by-little we are making our way through!

All that being said, I’m happy to announce that book 4 is an obvious turning point for our story. This thing is like a snowball rolling down hill. Book 4 is the point at which the momentum just starts to pick up and go!

So, look out for it! It’s coming at ya! A small time jump leads to a romantic tipping point!

Let us know how you’re doing, thoughts and comments, reviews, stories. We love it all! Don’t be shy!

<3 Blythe

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