Paper Dolls: Book Three

Alright, here we go again! Book Three is now live! Free to read in Kindle Unlimited and only a buck for everyone else (chump change).

The story picks right up where it left off. The girls are given the task of reporting their creepy teacher for his behavior behind closed doors. There are lots of internals, lots of what ifs and how could he’s. When sex becomes tricky, Olivia Holbrook demands to know the whole truth of what actually went on between her girlfriend and the teacher she secretly adored.

Avery finds herself in a tight spot, wanting to grow and be happy but also being pushed into talking to officials about the thing that has brought her secret shame for over a year. Her father, now home and forced back from the Navy, is finally present to deal with his mistakes and randomly show a keen interest in Avery’s complex life.

Olivia’s ex shows up and makes life harder on the pair. Avery’s friend Skylar is keeping a secret from her and Olivia knows. There is just a lot going on and a lot more to discover.

Book Three is all about propelling the story. Getting the girls to a certain place.

Book Four will pick up after a short time jump. Trials take time, arresting people takes time. Olivia sneaks a secret meeting with Ben behind Avery’s back in Book 3 and that really explains a little more about her that readers might not have known.

All of these things are important in getting to the next book that will mostly be focusing on relationship ailments and surviving an abusive relationship to stand to try again with someone new. Book 4 will contain a lot of talk about PTSD. It took us forever but we’re finally getting to the meat of this thing and the absolute MIDDLE of series one so YAY FOR THAT!

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Book One and Book Two are both still available free for Kindle Unlimited and a dollar each for everyone else. If you’ve been looking for something gay and inexpensive to read we’ve got you covered for now. The story as it stands is over 1000 published pages so far. Let us know what you think!

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  • Boo Vickery

    I am almost done with this book and I am IN LOVE!! Thank you so much for writing! This is my favorite Lesbian Romance ever! I love Olivia & Avery’s relationship! I wish you guys luck in your journey!

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