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After Reed has been up for about two weeks now. It quickly dropped into obscurity due to a technical hangup that for some reason could not be fixed quickly by Amazon. We’ll probably try to do a free promotion for that book sometime soon. See if maybe some recovery can be made but I highly doubt that. The way Amazon works, if you don’t already have a fanbase it’s really hard to get your product to the reader who might be looking for something similar to what you have wrote. You can tag it. You can try and promote it. But if you don’t already have a fanbase your book will not rise on the charts and it will not be easily found by people who do not know it exists.

All that being said, the print paperback is so very pretty and I love it! The interior was reformatted by Amazon and I need to start all over and fix it because it looks lame (the automatic formatting choices are not that great but the process is very easy to use for instant publishing). I’m going to try and use Draft2Digital to reformat the interior of After Reed sometime soon. No one is buying the print book anyway so it’s not a big deal.

We’ve received some very nice comments about the story as a whole which is exciting and encouraging for us. To hear love out there for certain characters and get comparisons to Paper Dolls is just really fun for us, it’s uplifting.

We’ve been working on a couple projects. Finding time is near impossible because of our time-suck day jobs and our busy lives. We end up rushing things to get things out and that’s never a good way to create something. We wish we had more time. I think that’s why we’re still working toward the dream. Writing for a living and getting paid to write would change how our stories come out and it’d be nice to see a before and after on that so that we could compare.

Book 3 of Paper Dolls is coming along. It’s not exactly a filler book but it feels that way upon read-through due to lack of heavy plot and over abundance of dialogue, internals, and sex. While we were writing we kept wondering if things were necessary or not. Putting out this third book will be a little nerve-wracking with that in mind. Book 4 is more about secrets being revealed and there’s more plot in Book 4- the mental health issues really come into play- so Book 3 feels like the vehicle that gets you to Book 4 in a lot of ways. People who love plot stuff are not going to be too excited about Book 3. People who are interested in conversations about sex between two women and conversations about sex and relationships between two women will really like this book. We need Book 3. It’s important to character development and overall plot. We will definitely be publishing Book 3 sometime soon.

Sorry for the delay! We’ve been trying to keep it to an “every 3 months” timeline and so far we haven’t surpassed that yet so FINGERS CROSSED. I’m just being paranoid.

<3 Blythe


  • Erica

    I love the Paper Dolls series, and I’m so thankful for the story you both are telling. Now I’m sure you hate being asked this question, but do you have an idea of when the third book will come out? It’s not like I’m checking amazon everyday or anything…

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