We’ve put a third book up in our amazon kindle store. There will be an accompanying paperback in a few hours for anyone interested in some beach-side reading. This one we wrote as a sort of rest from the Paper Dolls Series. And because of that it is less dense and less wordy and it has a completely different vibe.

The book is called: After Reed.

Keeping with our theme of defying the “gays must die and cease to exist” trope we’ve written a story where a gay character somehow re-materializes and begins to live her life as normal.

It’s super angsty and there are four main female gay characters.

If it does well we will, no doubt, be writing a sequel. We easily have the plot down for a number two but writing another book right now, in the same vein, is a big commitment. May as well wait and see if people even like it before we progress.

Paper Dolls is still being read regularly. Book Two hasn’t gotten as much love as Book One and for that we are eternally confused. *book two has two coming out stories and is more aligned with the actual family lives of teens so a lack of interest in that seems an injustice*

Anyway, read if you’re interested!

It’s totally free for Kindle Unlimited users 😀

<3 B


  • MK

    I loved After Reed. I actually read it a while back after I discovered Paper Dolls. I really enjoy all of your books. The detail you give in the Paper Dolls series is amazing and so different from most of the other books out there. I love that you do that as I very much live in my head most of the time. I actually feel like I can connect with the characters in that way. Sorry I got a little off track there. I do have a question regarding the characters in After Reed. Are they based on or just similar to the characters of Olivia, Avery, Natalie, Viv and Ben?

    Thanks in advance for taking time to amswer this.


    • Blythe

      Hi MK! Sorry we didn’t see this until now. The answer is definitely YES. When we wrote book one, and started the PD project, we promised our readers that we would never ever kill our two mains. We took that promise so serious that even in the alt lives we don’t want them to die. It’s kind of funny since After Reed was pretty much about a world where they couldn’t die in any way but we still took our promise to heart. After Reed was definitely a heavier emotional read so we kept it sort of separate just in case. Thanks for the question! <3

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