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Received a couple lovely reviews from the same person. It’s good to know that people who are questioning can find something that strikes a chord with them and allows them to realize more about what they like and what they are looking for in a partner/lover/relationship.

That’s kind of a big part of our goal here with this series. A lot of books in the gay YA and gay Romance genre focus on sex and the fun of a new relationship but Paper Dolls differs there. There is sex and there is a new relationship being formed but realistically we wanted to focus on what it’s like when a relationship tries to grow under certain circumstances.

I wish we were faster!

This reviewer made mention that we should charge more for our books since it’s a lot of work and they know we can’t be getting paid much at all for this.

The pickle there is finding an audience. Yes there are people who are looking for a story like this but how would they know to look for it if they didn’t already know a lot about it? A cover is a nice way to attempt to draw someone in but a synopsis is definitely not enough to convince everyone.

Since we’re new authors we had to price low in order to have the books easier to find. Maybe one day we’ll be able to adjust the pricing a little and rest a little easier. For now we’re just really trying not to concentrate on money. We both really need money which is the sad truth since we’re living in the USA where a large majority of the country is not paid well as they work too hard.

With all this in mind, we have added donation buttons to our website here and we will gladly accept donations if anyone is interested in donating to support our writing because of all that.

It’s a tricky road to travel, this one we’ve taken. First we started writing this, not knowing if we’d even make it past page 50 and now we’re looking back at an epic love story that spans a good six or seven books worth of content. Not only that, we’ve written alternative books with these same characters, things we could publish too if we ever wanted to. And we have fallen in love with this little world so the idea to do a Series Two, where we travel into their college years and even a future life series where we hit them up in their thirties just to see how things are, is definitely tempting. The fact is, these are very very tempting things to write but there’s only so much time in a day and a week and a month and a year. We have to edit what we have and put it out there!

We made ourselves stop at an appropriate end and for now we’re just trying to get this out there for people to experience!

Anyway, thank you for the lovely and detail reviews! Every single one is helpful and an experience to travel into. We’re very touched by those who connect with the characters and the world!




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