Numbers and Things

I honestly cannot believe how much Paper Dolls people are reading lately. Ever since we posted the second book our pages read per day have more than doubled. Makes me feel conflicted things. On the one hand I wanna know what people think and on the other I’m scared to know… Anyway… Hope y’all are liking it because there is a lot more to come!




  • Marty Preslar

    I absolutely love the Paper Dolls series! It covers topics that are just ignored by a lot of the fluffier, lighter fiction out there. Knowing some people who have had to deal with some of the issues in these books (not involving a teacher, thank goodness, but it doesn’t make it any better) I can tell you that you’re doing a pretty good job of making it feel real.

    • Blythe

      Hi Marty! Thank you for saying that and for following the series! We hate that it’s taking so long to get it all out. It only took a small fraction of this time to actually write it (fueled by creation and all). Since there aren’t enough long-form stories about these relationships that involve gay female characters we’ve really tried to keep it close to reality and explore every avenue. Any advice? <3 B

  • Vivian

    I am so compelled to keep my kindle with me constantly so that when I’m stuck waiting somewhere or on someone i can live in the life of the girls. It makes me want that perfect love so bad my heart hurts (and groin aches,you’re great at soft porn!) I’ve had a long term relationship even adopting children together, but it still wasn’t like their love. Your writing cuts deep with emotion. wether we have lived their lives and issues of just yearn for that understanding and love, you touch us all. Paper Dolls is my fantasy life thank you.

    • Blythe

      Wow, thank you Vivian! Also, we both know how you feel and I’m sure a lot of other people do too since we’re getting a lot of silent readers who don’t comment but are definitely coming back. That’s what we wanted most from this series, for it to go further than other stories do that involve gay teens or gay women. I know when I was a teenager I was very confused and trying to figure myself out. I loved stuff like this but it was very very rare and mostly in film form or snuck in and not long form at all like we’ve put out. I do love hearing that Paper Dolls improves your days! That makes us both feel really good. Thank you!

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