I guess now would be a good time to make a post about frequently asked questions!

Are you two together?

Nope! It’s a common ask and a common mistake. People love to assume that two lesbians are together but in this case we are not romantically involved.

Are you single?

Blythe has been in a loving relationship for a significant amount of time. Emma is searching for that forever someone so hit her up!

Why did you start writing Paper Dolls?

It’s a funny story. Blythe wanted to write a certain fanfiction based SUPER LOOSELY on the high school lives of two actresses. What was meant to be a throwaway fanfic almost IMMEDIATELY turned into something else entirely with very little to do with the inspirational source. We knew we wanted for there to be someone ridiculously smart and sciency and someone more popular and athletic. The whole fanfic idea was dropped within the first chapters when the two characters of Olivia and Avery began to basically write themselves.

Embarrassing as it is, we’ve gotta thank fan culture for the inception on this one!

Paper Dolls, in it’s very beginning stage, was a very addicting accident.

What’s your dream cast for Paper Dolls?

Avery Lockhart is definitely inspired by Eliza Taylor’s portrayal of Clarke in The 100. Olivia Holbrook has always sort of eluded definition. In the beginning we sort of saw her as this very dignified and emotionally pent up version of Marie Avgeropoulous. We could see Eliza and Marie playing these characters easily. Fun little fact- the fanfiction we had started with was actually supposed to be a Karmy fanfic so it’s kind of hilarious that we saw the characters with behaviors and mannerisms that could only be played by these two actresses from The 100. We started writing and the characters really did just take over and decide to be different. We never agreed on it or anything we just sort of got to a point where we were like “i’m seeing it this way,” and everything clicked.

The only other character we decided on almost right away was Benjamin Bradford. We saw him as intensely addicting and easy to slide under the radar. He had to be so charming and lovely that people would never believe he would have an affair with an under-aged girl. So for Ben Bradford we easily settled on Chris Pine somewhere early in our writing. We sort of had those three actors in mind while writing and that really helped to propel the story and breathe it some life.

We’re well aware that we can never have our dream cast for any sort of adaptation. That is crushing news. We wish you could see it how we do in our own minds. That’s the hardest thing for writers, to get across what they actually want, clear as day.

How old are you?

We are both 33!

How many books are there going to be?

We get asked this all the time but it’s kind of impossible to answer. Originally we planned on there being five books but we realized we had way more material than could fit in five books. We’ve written series ONE – from start to finish. I think it was over 300k words in total. That’s a lot of material and editing takes so long that we cannot even answer this question right now. Just know it’s very long and already fully structured.

Did you write everything together- did one person write more?

For the most part, Blythe wrote anything having to do with Olivia and Emma wrote anything having to do with Avery and the other characters are split up. We tried to keep things going by using the two pov system. It really helped to make it fun and interesting and keep us into the story. We’d throw each other curve-balls and have to propel things and we did very little brainstorming so it was a super fun way to create.

How long did it take you to write?

This is a good question to ask. Surprisingly, we wrote the entire first draft of SERIES ONE in about 6 months. From January to June, we were writing in this sort of addicted state. The characters were so fun to write and so unpredictable that we couldn’t stop the story until we got to a place that felt right for them. You read all the time about a story just coming to an author. These characters just came to us and we let them take over and run our lives for a short spot of time.

Editing is taking WAY LONGER than the initial writing of each part. Even while we were writing the story we were seeing how insane it was that we had written so much in such a short span of time.

Personally, this is the only story I’ve ever written that has come out as easily and as quickly as a fanfiction piece (says Blythe).

We love these characters so much that we’ve already written our own alternate version of certain things with these same characters in this same world we made. It’s really been surreal to be so obsessed with something we actually created from beginning to end. The only thing we can hope now is that people actually read and start to join us in our obsession.

Do you have a timeline for when the rest of the books will be released?

We’re trying to get to the editing as quickly as we can. We do not have a set timeline but we’re trying not to spend more than three months on editing one book. We barely got Book Two up in 3 months so it’s tricky. I know the later books are going to need A LOT MORE EDITING too so it’s hard to put release dates on things. But we will try to keep you updated! That’s kinda why we made this site!

Alright, that’s enough for now. I can’t remember what other questions people always ask but I’ll try to think of them and turn this into an easily accessible page for everyone 😀






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