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I just wanted to thank everyone who is leaving reviews and ratings on Amazon and Goodreads and sending us questions and comments on our blogs! It’s scary putting something new out there. The first review we have gotten on the new book was immediately negative so all the good words are heard double after something like that. Thank you for reading and for being kind enough to leave reviews! We know that some of you are going to be very frustrated with the ending of Book Two. This one does end on a bit of a cliffhanger. We had to decide between making the book DOUBLE THE SIZE and therefore unnatural looking or splitting it up into two very manageable reads. It also would’ve taken twice as long to edit the book if we had made it double the size. It made more sense to split it up and give you something to read while we work on book three. Book One has mostly gotten positive feedback. We have a great average on Book One and there were a lot of kind words sent our way so THANK YOU!

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